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Ping the dead pull reuqests šŸ‘» to be alive again šŸ‘¼
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A tiny bash shell script for any GitHub repository having too many pull reuqests that can't manually check and ping the stale PRs.


  • curl
  • grep
  • awk
  • sed
  • jq
  • xargs
  • date


There are some variables inside ping-stale-PRs that you can manipulate:

  • GITHUB_TOKEN # Your GitHub token
  • OWNER # The repository owner GitHub ID
  • REPO # The repository name
  • STALE_DAYS # How many days a pull request stale would be pinged, 14 by default
  • COMMENT # The comment in json format ('{"body": "Comment here please"}'), ref

You can directly assign/oeverride value to the varible like this(Don't forget COMMENT need to be in the json format with "body" kay/value):


To run the script, set repository name and repository owner and your GitHub token in the executable file or the environment, take as example:

REPO=cdnjs OWNER=cdnjs GITHUB_TOKEN=21eb588cda61aa8525421857eca221ef371e4109 ./ping-stale-PRs


GNU General Public License v3.0

See LICENSE file for the detail

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