A recipe search system based on what ingredients you have and can be done with the minimalized use of touching
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Created by

Yang(Peter) Leng
Dong Jun Jin
Nickolas Blake

Devpost Link

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We're a team of engineering students, but more importantly, we're broke and always looking for ways to save time and money. We definitely don't have time to prepare and cook our own meals. This app was born from a desire to save money by cooking our own food, while not having to fret about how to cook it, with a chance that it might actually taste good.

##What it does

VoiceCook is a web application that asks the user for their available ingredients and foodstuffs and returns a list of recipes that they can cook with these items. The main appeal of VoiceCook over other similar apps is that it minimizes the user's interaction with their device's screen or keyboard, taking voice commands and reading recipes out loud to decrease greasy screens. The app also allows the user to scan barcodes and take pictures of produce to add to their ingredient list. With VoiceCook, you can spend less time fussing over a recipe, and more time actually cooking and eating.

##How we built it

The backbone of our application is Node.js and Express.js. We used a Bootstrap template for front-end, and Javascript/jQuery for scripting. We made use of Google's Web Speech API for speech synthesis (text-to-speech) and speech recognition (speech-to-text), spoonacular's Nutrition, Recipe and Food API for the recipes and ingredients databases, and OpenCV for bar-code processing and image recognition.

##How to install& run it Will update this soon!