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Web front end for Triplet-SVM and MiPred
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Web server for Triplet-SVM and MiPred

Triplet-SVM and MiPred are ab initio tools for predicting whether an RNA sequence is a precursor micro RNA (pre-miRNA). They rely on local structural features of the RNA sequences, and use machine learning methods to handle the classification. This provides a snazzy web interface to both of them, using node.js and to provide a less clunky experience than is typical.


You will need the following dependencies:

Once you have all these, make sure that the svm-classify program from libsvm is in your PATH, and run the server:

$ node server.js

Then just point your web browser at http://localhost:8080/ and enjoy!


This is no longer being actively maintained. If you have a use for it, and you would like to take over the project, just fork it on GitHub. You have my blessing.

Peter Scott,

December 2010

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