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Pex: Flash Player Runtime Engine

You can download pre-built Pex from bin directory.

To build:

npm install -g jake
npm install
git submodule update --init --recursive

To develop Pex:


You can get HTML files in "output" directory for each SWF in target directory without obfuscating.

If you want to check your output, set output files at your local web server. Or try following command:

jake server

and open http://localhost:8080/ from your browser.

To continuous build, try

jake watch

This automatically build Pex whenever you change source files.

Included External Libraries

This project is using zlib.js by Imaya inside Pex distribution under MIT License.

Documents and Tutorials

Currently only Japanese texts are available.

Pex Documentation Project is here. You can see it directly from this site.

Pex Tutorial can be found at this site.

Unofficial supports available on Twitter @uupaa @tkihira.
非公式のサポートをTwitter上で提供しております @uupaa @tkihira