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Common Errors and Solutions

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ArcticTypescript: error : Completion request failed: "TSS command processing error: Error: Could not find file: 'c:/users/****/somefile.ts'."

  • This error happens if you try a completion request (or similar commands) on a file which is not tracked by ArcticTypescript.
  • Make sure your file can be found by ArcticTypescript: It has to be in the tsconfig.json["files"] list OR must be referenced ( /// <reference path="somefile.ts">) or imported (import x = require('somefile');, amd or commonjs) by a file listed in tsconfig.json["files"].
  • Pro-Tip: To catch all files, you can use tsconfig.json["filesGlob"]. This will automatically search for all files, every time you save tsconfig.json:
    "compilerOptions": { ... },
    "filesGlob": [
  • reload the project: Goto Anything (ctrl + shift + p) -> Arctic Typescript: Reopen ...
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