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Phala Blockchain


Phala Network is the offchain computing protocol, powering the decentralized execution layer for AI agents.

Native Build


  • System dependencies

    • Ubuntu (tested with 22.04)
    apt install -y build-essential pkg-config libssl-dev protobuf-compiler
    • macOS
    brew install protobuf
    • See here for more protobuf installation options
  • Rust

    curl -sSf | sh
  • Substrate dependencies:

    git submodule update --init
    sh ./scripts/
  • LLVM 14

    chmod +x
    ./ 14

Build the blockchain and bridge

Make sure you have Rust and LLVM-10 installed.

Note for Mac users: you also need llvm and binutils from Homebrew or MacPort, and to add their binaries to your $PATH

Run git submodule update --init to fetch submodules before build if you haven't add option --recursive when clone code.

cargo build --release

The build script enforces LLVM-10 or newer is used. LLVM-10 is needed because of the wasm port of rust crypto library, ring. We have to compile the C code into wasm while keeping the compatibility with the current rustc.


Please refer to the run scripts


  • RPC: RPC documentations
  • Test: How to test the components

External Resources