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Pointers to useful, well-written, and otherwise beautiful documentation.
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Beautiful Docs

I love documentation. If you work with/are writing code intended for usage and consumption by more than one person, you should love it, too. Documentation and other resources will make or break the success of your project. And the more open and collaborative you want development to be, the more crucial docs become.

With that in mind, here's a list of docs and other developer resources that myself and others find particularly useful, well-written, and otherwise "beautiful." May they serve to inspire you when writing and designing yours. Thanks to various contributors, we now also have sections dedicated to Writing about Documentation and Tools for Generating Docs.

This should be updated fairly regularly. As usual, pull requests are encouraged.

  • If you're contributing a link, be sure to include a few words on why you're adding it and some sort of self-attribution so that people can know from whom it came.
  • All docs are listed in the order they were added. Keep this order when submitting your PR.


And Now For The Docs

Writing about Docs

Generating Docs

  • docco - Pretty docs from source code comments with ports for many languages. (contributed by @kylewest)
  • DocumentUp - Instantly beautify your Github repositories' (contributed by @kylewest)
  • Sphinx - Comprehensive documentation tool using restructuredText with beautiful HTML and PDF output. (contributed by @nikhilcutshort)
  • MkDocs - Documentation with Markdown, written in Python. (contributed by ericbn)
  • Read the Docs - Hosted docs using Sphinx or MkDocs, supports translations and finding docs for specific software versions. Used by the Django Docs. (contributed by Stephen Paulger)
  • dr.js - Tiny JavaScript documentation generator from the author of RaphaëlJS. (contributed by @nikhilcutshort)
  • Markdoc - Lightweight documentation/wiki generator in Python, released in the public domain. (contributed by Neelfyn)
  • ApiGen - Creates clean API documentation from PHP source code (contributed by bryceadams)
  • docgenerator - Organize your documentation in Markdown files. (contributed by Florian Margaine)
  • dexy - Extensible documentation/report generator supporting multiple programming languages and serveral input and output formats. (contributed by troytop)
  • Slate - Static API documentation creation tool from the team at Tripit.
  • MireDot - REST API documentation generator for Java. Plugs into your build process and generates a searchable html page. (contributed by bertvh)
  • codo - CoffeeScript API documentation generator, similar to YARD. (contributed by Logan Koester)
  • Flatdoc - Create well designed open source documentation from Github repository README files or simple Markdown files. (contributed by @moore)
  • GitBook - Utility for generating documentation, books and exercises using GitHub/Git and Markdown. (contributed by Samy Pessé)
  • Daux - A documentation generator that uses a simple folder structure and Markdown files to create custom documentation on the fly. It helps you create great looking documentation in a developer friendly way. (contributed by veshinak)
  • comment.js - Simple API documentation generator. (contributed by @dciccale)
  • phpDocumentor - phpDocumentor enables you to generate documentation from your PHP source code. (contributed by shivamdixit)
  • Hologram - Hologram is a Ruby gem that parses comments in your CSS and helps you turn them into a beautiful style guide. (contributed by @jchild3rs)
  • Middleman - Static site generator using all the shortcuts and tools in modern web development. (contributed by Sota Yamashtia)
  • Swig Documentation - A Node.js and Browser-based JavaScript Template Engine. (contributed by Wil Moore III)
  • documentation.js - Generates documentation from JavaScript source code. (contributed by tmcw)
  • SassDoc - A Sass documentation generator that utilizes inline comments to make pretty and powerful docs. (contributed by Hugo Giraudel)
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