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## [0.8.0](v0.7.0...v0.8.0) (2021-03-31)

### Features

* add "label" field to Phenotyper output for diplotypes ([b92b914](b92b914))
* add new GenotypeInterpretation class ([c90e358](c90e358))
* add the reference flag to namedAllele objects ([f02d872](f02d872))
* add timer ([eb5c997](eb5c997))
* add warfarin and peginterferon back in to drug list ([18ed7f9](18ed7f9))
* change gene-phenotype to use new layout ([151de09](151de09))
* download to temp file ([5c46985](5c46985))
* enable Phenotyper to take either VCF input or NamedAlleleMatcher output JSON ([1631d52](1631d52)), closes [#39](#39)
* handle local files ([9d0c46b](9d0c46b))
* improve and expand outside call features ([e2eedfc](e2eedfc))
* include "comments" on recommendations in final report ([71ce411](71ce411))
* pull definitions from S3 and support ignored positions ([4702f04](4702f04))
* recursive output directory creation ([b547294](b547294))
* reporter update intermediate check-in ([33c560b](33c560b))
* update gene definition files ([141bed6](141bed6))
* update to latest CPIC drugs and phenotypes ([780a1f6](780a1f6))

### Bug Fixes

* adjust TPMT variant count ([dceb6ba](dceb6ba))
* appease javadoc ([6153145](6153145))
* avoid warning for transient Pattern in NamedAllele ([4e27107](4e27107))
* clear rsid map before rebuilding it ([d9973b8](d9973b8))
* combine duplicate position columns from CYP2D6 translation ([e70648d](e70648d))
* display number of files produced ([842414d](842414d))
* do not include data for anything involving blacklisted genes ([408f503](408f503))
* DPYD chromosomal HGVS name ([d82cb44](d82cb44))
* explicitly set date format ([876182e](876182e))
* fix bug when diplotypes are specified in reverse order (fixes DPYD bug) ([3849c47](3849c47))
* fix bug when overriding callable genes with outside calls ([85ad9f5](85ad9f5))
* fix bugs and performance in ExtractPositions ([95f3725](95f3725)), closes [#34](#34)
* fix CFTR tests to remove F508del and change "Reference" ([c50cfd4](c50cfd4))
* fix CYP2C9 *2/*3 unit test ([d82fd7e](d82fd7e))
* fix delete obsolete files ([11da562](11da562))
* fix DPYD integration test ([524c3c3](524c3c3))
* fix gene definition files to make reference allele be first ([0951f57](0951f57))
* fix NamedAlleleMather tests to account for changed allele names ([14f0f7f](14f0f7f))
* fix recommendation matching for multi-gene guidelines ([bd1ee0c](bd1ee0c))
* fix remove ignored positions not removing associated alleles ([9ca4a2c](9ca4a2c)), closes [#36](#36)
* fix unsafe operation compiler warning ([a081bb7](a081bb7))
* fix variant ordering bug ([ee7e1af](ee7e1af))
* fix VCF syntax for unspecified and deletion genotypes ([5b6ae8e](5b6ae8e))
* improve handling of "Unknown" calls ([a46866f](a46866f))
* names for position chr6:18132163 in TPMT ([39a99f7](39a99f7))
* remove "highlighted" drugs in final report ([4a1f9ef](4a1f9ef))
* remove "no calls" from sample files ([1fbb002](1fbb002))
* remove genes not used in recommendation match ([7c027d9](7c027d9))
* remove ignored positions from named alleles as well ([351979f](351979f))
* remove styling for Rx change in report ([4e89125](4e89125))
* remove tests for *60 UGT1A1 allele ([80fbd5f](80fbd5f))
* remove unnecessary variant allele options ([f931b89](f931b89))
* remove unused "g" option for PharmCAT CLI ([f161a67](f161a67))
* removed redundant convert_to_*.py scripts; condensed the scripts to one main script and one function library ([8ef9f21](8ef9f21))
* show genotype of "highlighted" variants in guideline section of report ([f2bf726](f2bf726)), closes [#31](#31)
* skip import of allele definitions that have all alleles ignored ([65dacd9](65dacd9))
* support ignored position exemptions ([5ecb6e1](5ecb6e1))
* switch to PEP8 code style, clean up output, add basic input error checking ([dac626c](dac626c))
* take chr## or ## (-> chr##) for CHROM ([9bce353](9bce353))
* update input argument ([2f57352](2f57352))
* update test cases to adjust for changes to allele definitions and exemptions ([cc0d997](cc0d997))

### Performance Improvements

* speed up VCF preprocessing ([d5a847d](d5a847d))

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A tool to extract all CPIC guideline gene variants from a genetic dataset (represented as a VCF file), interpret the variant alleles, and generate a report.

For more detail, read the PharmGKB blog post about PharmCAT or the article on GenomeWeb



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