biomechZoo is a user-customizable toolbox for the analysis of biomechanical data within the MatLab programming environment. Please take a look at the Wiki for setup information and user instructions.
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biomechZoo toolbox

biomechZoo is a user-customizable toolbox for the processing, analysis, and visualization of biomechanical movement data.

Getting started:

  • Download this repository (click on green button 'Clone or download' on the right of the repository page)
  • Start Matlab
  • Open and run 'startZoo.m' located in the root biomechZoo folder to set your Matlab path


Matlab (The Mathworks Inc., Natick, USA) v2016a or newer software running, at minimum, the Signal processing and Statistics toolboxes. Previous Matlab versions should run, but are not explicitely supported.


Movement data often contain variables recorded over time, for many subjects, groups, or conditions. The biomechZoo toolbox provides tools to help users achieve sort, process, statistically analyze, and visualize these data.


biomechZoo can help those new to programming / biomechanics to quickly process their data by providing a framework from which to create a streamlined processing workflow. Advanced users are encouraged to contribute to the biomechZoo project by providing additional functions.


Find more information at


Help for biomechZoo can be accessed via the biomechZoo-help repository ( This repository provides exercises, sample data, and other resources to help the user get started with biomechZoo. Additional help may be obtained via seminars (see website for announcements) or by contacting the main author.

Additional information

The biomechZoo toolbox, was tested on Mac (OSX 10.11.5, Matlab v2016b), Windows 10 Enterprise (Matlab 2015a and 2016a), and Linux (Ubuntu 16.04 LTS) platforms.

Get involved

The biomechZoo toolbox is in constant development. We are working to improve functionality and user experience with every version. Users interested in getting involved should contact the main developper. We are currently interested in the following development streams:

  • Improvements to the director 3D environment
  • Development of a python-based version of biomechZoo
  • Addition of analysis tools for specialized analyses


philippe dot dixon at gmail dot com