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Electron App Manager provides fast, secure, minimal and continuous updates + version and dependency management
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Electron App Manager

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Electron App Manager provides fast, secure, minimal and continuous updates + version and dependency management.


  • asar, zip, and tar package support
  • Compatible wrapper for electron-builder's updater (electron-updater)
  • Splash screen generator and loading animation
  • Built-in support for packages hosted on: GitHub, AWS S3, Azure or Custom HTTP
  • Automatic package integrity checks
  • Automatic signature checks
  • File compression
  • Rollback to latest / selected / working version
  • Version chooser
  • Staged rollouts
  • Menu integration & confirmation dialogs
  • Hot App Loading from memory (no write to fs)
  • Minimal dependency footprint (for higher security)

Difference to Squirrel & Electron-Builder

Electron App Manager uses Electron-Builder's updater under the hood for full binary updates. However, opposed to Squirrel and Electron-Builder not every update downloads a full installer, needs elevated permissions or the user's interaction to install updates. One important concept is that Electron App Manager updates the Electron binaries and the application code separately learn why.


npm i @philipplgh/electron-app-manager
yarn add @philipplgh/electron-app-manager

Basic Usage

App Manager

Automatic Update Checking

The default for Electron App Manager is to check every 20 minutes for new updates at the given location and update automatically.

// import { AppUpdater } from '@philipplgh/electron-app-manager'
const { AppUpdater } = require('@philipplgh/electron-app-manager')

const appUpdater = new AppUpdater({
  repo: ''

Manual Update Checking

const appUpdater = new AppUpdater({
  repo: '',
  auto: false // deactivate automatic updates
const updateInfo = await appUpdater.checkForUpdates()
  const result = await appUpdater.downloadUpdate(updateInfo.latest)

Binary Updater


App Manager

constructor(options : IUpdaterOptions)


Auto Updater

async checkForUpdates() : Promise<IUpdateInfo>

async checkForUpdatesAndNotify() : Promise<IUpdateInfo>

Release Management

async getReleases() : Array<IRelease>

async getLatestCached()

async getLatestRemote()

async getLatest() : Promise<IRelease | null>

async download(release : IRelease, options: IDownloadOptions)

App Loading

async load(release : IRelease | Buffer | string) : Promise<string>

Hot Loading

async hotLoad(release : IRelease)

async hotLoadLatest()

async persistHotLoaded()

Updater Menu

async createMenuTemplate(onReload : Function) : ElectronMenuTemplate

Package Content

async getEntries(release : IRelease)

async getEntry(release : IRelease, entryPath : string)

async extract(release : IRelease)


export interface IRelease {
  name: string;
  displayName: string;
  fileName: string;
  commit: string | void,
  publishedDate: Date;
  version: string;
  channel: string | void;
  size: Number;
  tag: string;
  location: string;
  repository: string; // url
  error: void;
  signature?: string // url
  metadata?: string // url

Advanced Usage

Hot Loading (Experimental)

Hot loading will download all Web app contents into memory and serve them from a virtual fs. While the package content is being downloaded Electron App Manager will display a generated splash screen with a progress animation.

const myApp = await appManager.hotLoadLatest()
let win = WindowManager.createWindow()

Warning: this is an experimental feature and will override the default buffer protocol handler: see protocol handlers It will probably change in the near future.

Build & host app packages

To turn any Web app created with create-react-app into an Electron App Package please see the readme of the create-react-app-extensions package.

Contribution and Extension

All necessary typescript interfaces are in /updater/api:

- IRelease.ts
- IRepository.ts
- IUpdater.ts
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