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D Template Tutorial

What's it's about

This project is about a wonderful part of the D programming language: templates. It contains a markdown document on templates aiming to be a kind of tutorial.

It's divided in 6 chapters:

  • Introduction is just, well, the introduction text, explaining the goal of this document and the formatting conventions used.
  • Basics is about templates syntax, basic building blocks (static if, eponymous trick) and function, struct and class templates.
  • Some More Advanced Considerations is about more advanced ideas, like constraints, tuples or operator overloading.
  • Around Templates deals with other metaprogramming constructs interacting with templates: traits, compile-time function evaluation (CTFE) and string mixins.
  • Examples presents some more detailed examples of what can be done with D templates.
  • The Appendix gives some explanation on the is expression and links on other templates resources.

If you find any inexactitude, plain error or missing subject, don't hesitate to open an issue on github!

Other formats

The markdown syntax used for the doc is the extended version used by Pandoc (mainly for tables or code sections). Using markdown files and Pandoc, I generate the HTML, pdf and epub versions. Feel free to comment on them also.


The utils folder contains a small D script to extract the hundreds of modules present in the text and test their compilation. You can also find there the extracted and tested modules.


A tutorial on the D programming language templates.



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