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Current state of development

It's been over six months since the last significant update on this repository. Since I probably won't update this repository anymore and continue the work on JumpKingPlus, this repository is now archived. Everything here works still.

Jump King RPC – Latest Release jkrpc logo

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Jump King RPC (or in short, JKRPC) is a Rich Presence client for Jump King. JKRPC shows the in-game live data on your Discord status using Discord's Rich Presence. JKRPC uses presets to show:

  • Location of the player
  • Story mode chosen
  • Jumps, falls, number of sessions, number of attempts
  • Time elapsed from the start of the attempt


In order to use the program it is necessary to have installed and working:

  • Jump King
  • .NET Framework 4.5

Setup & Instructions

  1. Download the latest release.
  2. Install the mod using the installer.
  3. Profit.

Source code

For piracy reasons the Jump King modded executable cannot be published. Currently the instructions to build the modded version of the game are not available. If you'd like to edit the current mod or add a feature, you can either use dnSpy to edit the JumpKing.exe (at your own risk!) or ask us! The source code of v1 is fully available under the Old RPC folder.

Uninstalling (only v2.0.0 or above)

If you installed v2.0.0 or above and you are willing to update, please uninstall first before reinstalling.
To uninstall you can use:

  • The same installer you used to install
  • Remove the program from the Control Panel and the old Jump King executable file will be back

About GitHub top language

This mod is fully written in C#.
Using the discord-rpc-csharp to access and use the Discord Rich Presence client. This mod is based off the JumpKingTAS made by DevilSquirrel.

Name Occupation
Goose Front-end helper
Phoenixx19 Front-end developer and mod creator

Issues Discord

If you have any questions or you found a bug you'd like to report, contact us with the links above, create a new issue here or click on the chat icon to join the official Jump King's Discord server. Older versions (such as v1.1.0 and v1.0.0 won't get any future fixes).

License GitHub

JumpKingRPC is not affiliated with Nexile AB or Discord Incorporate. All brands and trademarks belong to their respective owners. JumpKingRPC uses the MIT License that allows commercial and private use with modifications and redistributions. There are no warranties or liabilities.

Have fun jumping! 👑


A Rich Presence Client for Discord, tracking data from your Jump King session.