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Resources and examples for writing Photon-HDF5 files in MATLAB.
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Write Data to HDF5
Write Metadata to YAML


Resources and examples for writing Photon-HDF5 files in MATLAB.

Example MATLAB to save Photon-HDF5 files using phforge (to learn more about phforge, please visit: http://

This repository contains 5 MATLAB scripts to help create YAML and HDF5 necessary for phforge: -Write TEMP YAML File (for nsALEX,smFRET,usALEX, and Minimal required data) -Write TEMP DATA HDF5 File and write HDF5 with phconvert

Initialization of phforge in MATLAB

In order to use phforge within matlab, the PATH must be added to MATLAB. After phforge has been installed and the PATH has been updated (either by "source ~/.bash_profile" or restarting computer), the easiest way to find the PATH for phforge is the command: which phforge


The highlighted text is the PATH needed for MATLAB.

To add PATH to MATLAB, simply use the following lines of code within MATLAB:

PATH = getenv('PATH');
setenv('PATH', [PATH ':/Copy/Path/Here/']);

After the PATH has been added, phforge can be called with the 'system' MATLAB command.

Create a temporary HDF5 file containing photon-data arrays:

The following script will allow creation of a TEMP DATA HDF5 file

n = 1e6; 
timestamps = int64(sort(randi([0 2/10e-9], 1, n)));
detectors = uint8(randi([0 3], 1, n));

h5create('photon_data.h5', '/timestamps', size(timestamps), 'Datatype', 'int64')
h5write('photon_data.h5', '/timestamps', timestamps)
h5create('photon_data.h5', '/detectors', size(detectors), 'Datatype', 'uint8')
h5write('photon_data.h5', '/detectors', detectors)

Call phforge to create the Photon-HDF5 file:

[status,cmdout] = system('phforge metadata.yaml photon_data.h5 out.h5','-echo');

This version should be compatible on Mac 10.9+, Linux, and Windows 7+ with MATLAB 2013a+.

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