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Phpcraft Toolbox

CLI tools all about Minecraft: Java Edition.

This project has been abandoned! The limited subset of 1.8.x - 1.15.x that has been implemented should work fine. If and how anything after that works is entirely dependant on what changed about the protocol.


I recommend you install Phpcraft Toolbox using Cone, as it makes the tools accessable in any directory:

cone get phpcraft-toolbox

Otherwise, you can also clone this repository and enjoy your single-directory toolbox.

The Tools

  • listping <ip[:port]> [method] displays the server list information of the given server. Optionally, can be forced to use a specific method: 2 = legacy, 1 = modern, 0 = both (default).
  • snbt <snbt> converts SNBT to pretty SNBT, a string dump, and NBT hex.
  • nbt <file> converts binary NBT to a string dump, SNBT, and pretty SNBT.
  • hex2bin <file> converts hexadecimal strings to their binary representation.
  • bin2hex <file> converts binary strings to their hexadecimal representation.
  • uuid <uuid> shows the UUID with and without dashes, its hash code, and which skin type that equals.
  • lanworlds shows a live list of all LAN worlds.
  • packets <recipient: client or server> <file> prints packets from a recording, e.g. by the WorldSaver plugin for the Phpcraft client.

On Linux and Mac OS, you can use piping to create chains like this:

snbt "{Level: 9001}" | tail -n 1 | php hex2bin.php > nbt.bin

This turns SNBT into a binary NBT file.