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Do you want a free Cookie 🍪🍪🍪?


Subway gives away a free cookie if you fill up an online poll

So Subway(Costa Rica, not sure if other countries do it as well) give away a free cookie if you fill up an online poll , you can do this any number of times you want, but only ones every 24 hours.

The Script

This is just a simple IMacro to automate the process, you will only need to set your email address(They will send a code that you show to the cashier) and your restaurant ID that you can get from an invoice.


IMacro for Firefox

IMacro for Chrome


Just clone the Repo import the #CuentaleASubwayCookie.iim macro to your IMacro plugging

In the #CuentaleASubwayCookie.iim change the yourEmailAddress parameter to your email address and the restaurantID to the Subway restaurant that you are going

And click Play.

You can also create a shell script to run this from terminal or create a daily task that run your script daily.

🍪The Possibilities Are Endless! 🍪