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Our .NET SDK (C#) provides easy access to all API Endpoints of the Picturepark Content Platform. Code examples can be found in the “Tests” project, which is included in the SDK; covering use cases such as Search, Download, Import, Managing Metadata and more. You can add the SDK as a nuget package and start using the comprehensive Picturepark tec…
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Picturepark Content Platform .NET SDK


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NuGet Packages

Public APIs:

Management APIs:

Compatibility matrix

SDK version Picturepark CP version
1.0.x 10.0.x
1.1.x 10.1.x
1.2.x 10.2.x
1.3.x 10.3.x

SDK Development


Client generation

Run the following commands to regenerate the clients based on the Swagger specifications in /swagger:

npm install
npm run nswag

CI Builds

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Release Builds

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