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A binder repo for the HelloWorld jupyter widget from the official Jupyter doc
Jupyter Notebook
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Binder repo for the Jupyter 'Hello World' widget


The notebook is adapted from the official Jupyter doc, and serves demonstration purposes. The Jupyter documentation describes in detail how to build a widget which prints in the output cell the contents of a string set from the back end. In this notebook, we summarize the doc and present the main steps leading to the construction of this widget. We also go a little further and add interactivity in this widget.

The final version of the widget consists in a form and a title. Both are synchronized with the Python kernel; the form accepts input, which updates both the title and the backend value.

This repo offers the possibility to test the widget using a Binder image (by clicking on the 'launch binder' button, and waiting a little).

Yet, the way the code is organized is a little messy, since the JS is defined in the middle of the notebook. It would be much cleaner to have the code organized in a JS folder and a Python folder, that could be somehow called from the notebook. This repo does exactly that, and is an example of the same widget, written in a way respecting the current best practices.

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