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Elixir wrapper for the MailJet API
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Elixir wrapper for the MailJet API.


  1. Add mailjex to your list of dependencies in mix.exs:
def deps do
  [{:mailjex, "~> 0.2.6"}]


mix deps.get
  1. Ensure mailjex is started before your application (not required for Elixir >= 1.4)
def application do
  [applications: [:mailjex]]
  1. Add configuration to your app:
config :mailjex,
  api_base: "",
  public_api_key: "<your public key>",
  private_api_key: "<your private key>"
  development_mode: true | false
  1. Example usage:
iex> body = %{
...>   "FromEmail": "",
...>   "FromName": "Mailjet Pilot",
...>   "Subject": "Your email flight plan!",
...>   "MJ-TemplateID": "999902",
...>   "MJ-TemplateLanguage": true,
...>   "Vars": %{"name": "Alice"},
...>   "Recipients": [%{"Email": ""}]
...> }
iex> Mailjex.Delivery.send(body)

Development Mode

When running in development or test environments you may not want to actually send emails. You can disable the sending of email and instead have the body of your request logged to the screen.

You can do this by setting development_mode: true in your configuration file for your environment.

For more information, see the Hex docs

You can read the docs here

Development Setup

If you are making changes to this codebase and want to test your code, you will need to copy the sample secret file.

cp config/secret.sample.exs config/secret.exs

Then add your MailJet public and private keys.

Implementation state

Resources that are implemented so far.

  • Delivery (sending emails)
  • Messages
  • Template
  • Sender Templates and Domains
  • Contact Lists
  • Contact
  • Campaigns
  • Statistics
  • Parse API
  • Event API
  • Account Settings
  • System

Areas of the codebase that can be improved.

  • Testing error cases


The mailjex lib is released under the MIT License.

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