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User scripts for the Waiters of Time, the One True Comic

These scripts enhance the wonderful experience of Waiters by tweaking some bits of the pages of the One True Thread.

Wtf is that?

Oh, you don't know about the One True Comic? But... What are you doing here?!

Don't worry, you can still be part of the experience. The One True Comic is Time, the xkcd #1190. The image you see updates every hour, and the successive frames tell a story.

This comic have gathered a whole community - no, a whole culture ! - talking in the One True Thread.

You can find more on the Thread itself, or in the dedicated wiki.

The Scripts

  • Newpix convertor: converts those old heretic message dates into the One Time Unit, the newpix.
  • Spoiler detector: detects whenever the dynamic link to the current image is posted on the thread.
  • Multiquote: allows you to quote several messages easily. When you hit the quote button, the message is retrieved in the background and a text field appears so you can write your reply. The next time you'll want to post a new message, all quotes and replies are added to the textarea. When you preview, save or submit your message, the quote cache is flushed.
  • Clever spoiler: add an extra Hide button at the bottom of the spoiler content when unfold.


Firefox : be sure to have Greasemonkey installed and click on this link. This will download all four scripts.

Chrome : install Tampermonkey and install each script separately.

Firefox and Chrome : to install each script separately, you can use these links.


the newpix convertor the spoiler detector multiquote


Collection of greasemonkey/tampermonkey scripts for the One True Thread



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