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Pingus is a free Lemmings(tm) clone for GNU/Linux, Win32 and other operating systems supported by SDL2. It is covered under the GPL, check the file COPYING, for more information.

See for instructions on how to compile and run Pingus from source on GNU/Linux and for MacOSX.

Information about the game, new versions and additional documentation can be found at the Pingus webpage:

Mailing Lists

There are currently two mailing lists available:

  • pingus-devel - A list for discussing development issues, like level creation or code changes, but might as well be used for user issues like how to solve levels and such

  • pingus-cvs - Read-only list to which all CVS commits get submitted, only intersting for developers in general

For information on how to subscribe to any of these lists have a look at:


For a quick help you can try the IRC server and the channel #pingus, you can sometimes find the project maintainer (nick: grumbel) there.

Bug Reports

Bug reports, new levels and feature requests can be submitted to the issue tracker at: