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MyResume Travis

Theme by Flatty Resume

Built with Yeoman

JSON Data Driven

  • All HTML templates are put in app/partials, these files are just layouts with variables.
  • PDF layout is defined in app/pdf/
  • All Data for different languages are put in app/i18n, these files are just plain JSON.

One data source, multiple outputs (HTML/PDF)


  • Install Node, Ruby(for sass compiling), Python(for PDF generation)
  • npm install -g grunt-cli and gem install compass and pip install fpdf
  • npm run bower
  • npm install
  • npm start for live reload preview
  • npm run build to generate HTML in dist folder
  • python app/pdf/ to generate PDF files in dist folder

Generate your own Resume

  • Fork this project.
  • Change JSON files under folder app/i18n.
  • If you don't want include all sections, just delete the include xxx in app/index.jade.

Host resume on your Github Pages

  • Use your github account to access TravisCI, activate your repo.
  • Add 2 Environment Variables to your TravisCI project settings page:
    • GitHub_REF: your Github resume repo URL, like
    • Github_TOKEN: generate a personal access token for your Github account on settings page
  • Push code to your forked repo, then Travis will automatically deploy build on your Github Pages.