Arquillian extension which allows to define multiple @Deployment methods for different containers. Basing on container adapter which is actually used in test, the extension will choose the appropriate @Deployment method.
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----- Arquillian extension for multiple deployments for different containers -----

This extension allows to define multiple @Deployment methods for different type of containers. 
Basing on the container adapter actually used, the appropriate @Deployment method will be chosen.

It allows to prepare different fine-grained deployments i.e. for GlassFish 3.1 and JBoss AS7 directly in 
the test case and execute the test upon them. If you use Maven profiles to choose the target container, 
the same container-specific deployment will be used.

If no @UseInContainer annotations are used, the default @Deployment will be chosen to operate on.

--- Example ---

public static WebArchive createGlassFishDeployment() {}

public static WebArchive createJBossDeployment() {}