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* release-1.1.0: (57 commits)
  Align version to 1.1.0
  fixing merge bug
  Squashed 'net/librarybox/' changes from c012443..03cbbba
  Squashed 'net/librarybox/' changes from 730cb80..c012443
  Squashed 'utils/box-installer/' changes from 7901ea2..22d546e
  With last pull of piratebox, the imageboard is now a mod of piratebox
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  Squashed 'utils/extendRoot/' changes from c66bbef..e123ae7
  fixes wrong package dependency
  Added missing php5 dependency
  Added the needed mbstring php module
  Raise to version 2.1
  Fixing issues on reinstall/update package
  Fix for broken timesave initialization script
  RC1  with fixed download location
  Cleanup dublicate entry
  fixes in deinstalling part of the package
  release 2.0.0-35
  Don't activate changes directly to prevent network loss on trunk image
  version raize
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OpenWRT piratebox feed

A custom OpenWRT feed which contains all needed files to generate Makefiles for ipk via OpenWRT toolchain.


Copy OpenWRT's default config file to its place:

cp  feeds.conf.default feeds.conf

and append the following line to use this feed in your build:

src-git piratebox git://github.com/PirateBox-Dev/openwrt-piratebox-feed.git