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macOS Mojave dynamic wallpapers for Linux, Windows and OS X.
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Emulate macOS Mojave's dynamic wallpaper

What you get

Dyn Wallpaper


Yeah, since the first time I looked at Mojave's dynamic wallpaper I fell in love with them.

I wrote this little utility to periodically change wallpaper while blending the images together based on the current time, relative to sunrise/sunset.

I tested this on Arch Linux and Windows 10. Mac OS support has not been tested yet.


Download the source Mojave images (I'm not going to upload them in this repository in order to avoid copyright problems) from the internet.

Extract the images in a folder, i.e. ~/Images/Wallpapers.

How to use this

From the release page download the latest binary for your platform (Linux, Mac OS, or Windows).

Run it from a terminal (or command prompt if you prefer):

$ ./dyn-wallpaper "Rome" "~/Images/Wallpapers"

You can find a list of valid city names here.


Issues and PRs are welcome. Go ahead!

You're gonna need Rust (with Cargo) to easily edit and build the sources.

Build the project

$ git clone

# Test it
$ cargo run "Rome" "~/Images/Wallpapers"

# Build it
$ cargo build --release
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