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  1. plugin-SiteMigration plugin-SiteMigration Public archive

    Migrate websites and website data between two Piwik installations

    PHP 16 3

  2. solutions-templates solutions-templates Public

    A library of detection helpers that can be used in Tag Managers to improve tracking abilities of Analytics software.

    JavaScript 6 1

  3. plugin-CustomTrackerJs plugin-CustomTrackerJs Public archive

    Let super users and plugins customize the piwik.js tracker file.

    PHP 4 3

  4. server-side-template-for-gtm server-side-template-for-gtm Public

    Piwik PRO Analytics template for server-side Google Tag Manager

    Smarty 4 4

  5. PPMS-PublicDocs PPMS-PublicDocs Public

    Public documentation for developers

    CSS 3 11

  6. piwik-php-tracker piwik-php-tracker Public

    PHP 3


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