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Pixel Studios

We're a team of developers working on Minecraft plugins.

Pixel Studios

We are a team of developers working on Minecraft plugins.

You can find our plugins here: SpigotMC - Polymart - BuiltByBit

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  1. WoolWars WoolWars Public archive

    Fight to take control of the wool at the center of the map!

    Java 16 11

  2. BedWars1058-PlayAgain BedWars1058-PlayAgain Public

    Adds the play again feature to BedWars1058!

    Java 5 2

  3. BedWars1058-Ultimate BedWars1058-Ultimate Public

    A fun game mode for BedWars1058!

    Java 6 4

  4. BedWars1058-HypixelMigrator BedWars1058-HypixelMigrator Public

    Migrate your Hypixel layout to BedWars1058!

    Java 3 4


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