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The easist way to get started is to use our EditorExtensions plugin. This plugin provides a clean UI for configuring the SDK as well as automatically downloading, installing and upgrading the PlayFab SDK.

1. Overview:

This document describes the process of configuring and building the PlayFab Unity package and distribution package. The document also contains instructions for developers to start using the package in their Unity games.

2. Prerequisites:

This document assumes familiarity with the Unity game engine, MonoDevelop Unity .NET programming environment, and Mac OS X operating system environment.

To connect to the PlayFab service, your machine must be running TLS v1.2 or better.

3. Installing or Upgrading the PlayFab UnitySdk

The easist way to get started is to use our EditorExtensions plugin. This plugin provides a clean UI for configuring the SDK as well as automatically downloading, installing and upgrading the PlayFab SDK.

Alternatively you can install the latest Asset Package directly.

Detailed Instructions:

  • Download UnitySDK.unitypackage to a safe location.
  • [Only When updating]: Delete your {ProjectLocation}/assets/PlayFab/ directory.
  • You may also need to delete PlayFab specific files in your {ProjectLocation}/assets/Plugins/ directory.
  • Failing to do this step may cause compiler errors and/or unexpected runtime errors
  • Unpack the .unitypackage file into your project.

Advanced users can copy the contents of https://github.com/PlayFab/UnitySDK/raw/master/Source into their existing project.

PlayFab Configuration:

You must configure the SDK with your unique TitleId. This is done via the PlayFabSharedSettings ScriptableObject.

In your Unity Project tab, navigate to: assets/PlayFabSDK/Shared/Public/Resources and select the PlayFabSharedSettings ScriptableObject.

Advanced users can still add this line of code anywhere in their game setup:

PlayFabSettings.TitleId = "AD08";

HTTP Request Configuration:

From the EdEx panel (Settings -> Project), or the PlayFabSharedSettings scriptable object, you can define one of two options for making your HTTPS Rest calls to PlayFab.

The UnityWww option uses the Unity WWW class to make web requests. This is the more stable option, but all requests are made using the main Unity thread.

The HttpWebRequest option uses the C# native HttpRequest library. This option is multi-threaded, and most of the request will not execute on the main thread. Additionally, advanced users can use PlayFabSettings to customize their request timeouts and other HttpRequest settings (not documented). There is currently a bug in this option where performance will degrade for long running GameServers, or clients that run for more than 24 hours. For these situations, please use UnityWWW.

To make server API calls:

The best way to do this is enable it from the PlayFab Editor Extensions Panel (PlayFab Panel -> Settings -> API).

Non EdEx panel users: This guide will direct you how to find the "Scripting Define Symbols": https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/PlatformDependentCompilation.html, under the heading "Platform Custom Defines".

The Unity setting you need to modify is: Edit -> Projet Settings -> Player -> "PC & Mac & Linux Standalone" -> "Platform Custom Defines" Add ENABLE_PLAYFABSERVER_API

You can also choose other platforms in place of "PC & Mac & Linux Standalone", but this is not recommended.

You can now set "Developer Secret Key" in assets/PlayFabSDK/Shared/Public/Resources/PlayFabSharedSettings.asset

Advanced users can still set their secret key anywhere in their game setup:

    PlayFabSettings.DeveloperSecretKey = "Find this in your dashboard/settings https://developer.playfab.com/title/properties/{your title Id}"; //your Developer Secret goes here.

4. Usage Instructions:

You are now ready to begin making API calls using the PlayFabClientAPI class. Check out the online documentation for a complete list of available APIs.

New Users:
  • Check out our Tutorials, Samples and more here

5. Troubleshooting:

CASE: Follow these instructions to disable IDFA for your IOS release:

  • Do a global code search in the C# project for: #define DISABLE_IDFA
  • Uncomment any of these defines you find.
  • Alternately, you can add DISABLE_IDFA to the "Scripting Define Symbols" in the Build settings,
  • Or, Check the same API Settings option in our Editor Extension plugin

CASE: If you run into conflicts when upgrading SDKs, remove all files from previous versions and perform a fresh import of our unitypackage or SDK files.

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6. Copyright and Licensing Information:

Apache License -- Version 2.0, January 2004 http://www.apache.org/licenses/

Full details available within the LICENSE file.