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#!/usr/bin/env python
# Author: Bryan Cain (Plombo)
# Date: December 27, 2010
# Description: Reads Wii CCF archives, which contain Genesis and Master System ROMs.
import struct
import zlib
from cStringIO import StringIO
class CCFArchive(object):
# archive: a file-like object containing the CCF archive, OR the path to a CCF archive
def __init__(self, archive):
if type(archive) == type(''):
self.file = open(archive, 'rb')
self.file = archive
self.files = []
def readheader(self):
magic, zeroes1, rootnode_offset, numfiles, zeroes2 = struct.unpack('<4s12sII8s',
assert magic == 'CCF\0'
assert zeroes1 == 12 * '\0'
assert rootnode_offset == 0x20
assert zeroes2 == 8 * '\0'
for i in range(numfiles):
fd = FileDescriptor(self.file)
def hasfile(self, path):
for f in self.files:
if == path: return True
return False
def getfile(self, path):
assert self.hasfile(path)
fd = None
for f in self.files:
if == path: fd = f
return self.getfile2(fd)
def getfile2(self, fd): * 32)
string =
if fd.compressed:
string = zlib.decompress(string)
assert len(string) == fd.decompressed_size
return StringIO(string)
# returns the requested file, even if the name is cut off inside the archive
def find(self, name):
for fd in self.files:
if name.startswith( or return self.getfile2(fd)
return None
class FileDescriptor(object):
# f: a file-like object of a CCF file at the position of this file descriptor
def __init__(self, f):, self.data_offset, self.size, self.decompressed_size = struct.unpack('<20sIII', =['\0')]
self.compressed = (self.size != self.decompressed_size)
if __name__ == '__main__':
import os
arc = CCFArchive(os.getenv('HOME') + '/wii/spinball/data.ccf')
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