A program to extract ROMs, manuals, and saves from Wii Virtual Console games in a NAND dump
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vcromclaim is a program to extract game ROMs from Wii Virtual Console games. It does this by analyzing an extracted Wii NAND filesystem, locating the ROMs, and extracting them. It automatically detects and decompresses compressed ROMs. It also extracts the game manual and save files for each Virtual Console game it encounters.


  • Extracts virtually all NES, SNES, TurboGrafx16 (PC-Engine), Genesis, Master System, and Nintendo 64 games without fail!
  • Supports all known forms of decompression used in Virtual Console games.
  • Can recreate a playable replica of the original ROM for SNES games where the original sound data has been removed from the ROM, by re-encoding the PCM sound data to BRR and restoring the BRR data to its original place in the ROM.
  • Automatically extracts the built-in manuals in VC games.
  • Automatically extracts saves for NES, SNES, Genesis, and Nintendo 64 games, converting them to the formats used by popular emulators for those platforms.
  • Displays useful debugging information in the extraction process.
  • Cross-platform - compatible with Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, and any other platform supported by Python.



The program is run by executing wiimetadata.py:

python wiimetadata.py nand_directory

Known Issues

  • Extraction of Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels for NES (US version at least) results in an unplayable file less than 1 KB in size.
  • Neo Geo, Commodore 64, and VC Arcade games cannot be extracted at this time.


  • Bryan Cain - author of vcromclaim
  • hcs - author of C decompression code for Huf8, LZH8, and romchu, all of which I (Bryan) ported to Python for vcromextract.
  • Hector Martin (marcan) - original author of the Python LZ77 decompression code, which I heavily modified and expanded for vcromextract.
  • Bregalad - author of BRRTools, a Java program on which the BRR encoder in vcromclaim was based.