A Cinder apps that utilizes a deferred rendering engine to render lights and SSAO. There is also point-light shadow-mapping.
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What is this? A Cinder Block deferred rendering meant for ready-to-go scenes with many dynamic lights and SSAO. There is also point-light shadow-mapping and FXAA. Works on both Xcode and VS2012, and includes both a simple and advanced template.

Drag this into your blocks folder within your Cinder directory (0.8.5, possibly 0.8.4), and use Tinderbox (under the toold directory) to create a projects with everything copied over appropriately.

Included "Advanced" Template

Included "Basic" Template

Projects using this engine "Pedestal"

"Space-man Marionette"

Deferred rendering + shadow-mapping uses a huge amount if VRAM (one of its disadvantages); but its advantages can be a large amount of dynamic point lights possible.

Tips to get better framerates:

  • adjust app window size
  • lower FBO resolution
  • turn off number shadow-mapped lights by setting last parameter of LIGHT_PS constructor to false
  • reduce intensity/AOE of lights (adjust LIGHT_BRIGHTNESS_DEFAULT to be lower).
  • Tested on Macbook Pro 2010 Mountain Lion ~40fps (release)
  • Tested on HP620 Windows 7 ~ 170 fps (release)

THANKS: Also special thanks to the many Cube-mapping, deferred rendering, SSAO, and shadow-mapping bits of code out there. They were all very helpful in creating this project.