Pmag GUI and MagIC GUI 2.1.1

@Caoimhinmg Caoimhinmg released this May 8, 2017

Pmag GUI & MagIC GUI are standalone graphical user interfaces that provide tools for uploading, downloading, and analyzing data from the MagIC database. This download is for Linux only (was compiled on Ubuntu 14.04 - 64 bit (trusty), and has only been tested there. Feel free to try other Ubuntu and Debian based distributions though we don't guarantee functionality there) - click here for the Windows download and here for the OSX download.

For complete documentation on using the GUIs, see the PmagPy Cookbook.

To download full PmagPy functionality, see the PmagPy repository.

To get started with the GUIs, download your preferred compressed standalone file and extract them (the README and license can be found in the compressed source code files). Then you should be able to double click whichever GUI you want to run and it will launch. Though due to constraints with the binary deployment you may have to wait for some time as the GUI starts (5-30 seconds) please be patient.

Note: There are still bugs to be found! Please feel free to open any bugs you find as issues in the main PmagPy repository. If this doesn't work email