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  • Browse characters from PoE account.
  • Combined stats data from the passive skill tree and items into easier to browse structure.
  • Combined stat: from tree, from jewels, from items etc..
  • You can search and add favorite stats.
  • Add multiple favorite accounts and easily switch between them.
  • Integrated search for characters and separation by league.
  • Visualization of skills and their support gems.
  • Added Life and Mana globes , Show Life and Mana auras reservation
  • Ladder page, where you can see public accounts and their characters from chosen league
  • Twitch page, where you can see online streamers and their last played character
  • Builds, you can save Snapshot of gear and skill tree (saved build can be shared)

Profile How does it work?

We are using data available from public accounts from API:

How to run our project

  • clone the project from github
  • run "composer install" and "npm install" in console so you have all required dependecys, look at composer.json and package.json
  • rename .env.example file to .env
  • run 'php artisan key:generate'
  • add database config in '.env' file (DB_DATABASE, DB_USERNAME, DB_PASSWORD)
  • migrate database using "php artisan migrate"
  • run "npm run watch" to compile all javascript