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Extension has moved

As of the 3.15.0 release, this extension is now included in HHVM core.

Differences from Zend

There are a few differences from the standard Zend implementation.

  • The connection resource is not optional.
  • The following functions are not implemented for various reasons:
    • pg_convert
    • pg_copy_from
    • pg_copy_to
    • pg_insert
    • pg_lo_close
    • pg_lo_create
    • pg_lo_export
    • pg_lo_import
    • pg_lo_open
    • pg_lo_read_all
    • pg_lo_read
    • pg_lo_seek
    • pg_lo_tell
    • pg_lo_unlink
    • pg_lo_write
    • pg_meta_data
    • pg_put_line
    • pg_select
    • pg_set_client_encoding
    • pg_set_error_verbosity
    • pg_trace
    • pg_tty
    • pg_untrace
    • pg_update

There is a connection pool you can use with the pg_pconnect function.

The $connection_type parameter is ignored for both pg_connect and pg_pconnect.

There are a few new function:

  • pg_connection_pool_stat: It gives some information, eg. count of connections, free connections, etc.
  • pg_connection_pool_sweep_free: Closing all unused connection in all pool.

The pg_pconnect function creates a different connection pool for each connection string.

The pg_fetch_object function only supports returning stdClass objects.

Otherwise, all functionality is (or should be) the same as the Zend implementation.

As always, bugs should be reported to the issue tracker and patches are very welcome.