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Polyglots database

This repository is a data set of polyglot files. It's purpose is to be used to test a polyglot file detector.

Please note that this repository uses

7z afsk agc apk avi bmp bpg docx elf exe flac gif gitbundle html ild iso jar jpg js lsmv mbr mp3 mp4 nes odt ogg pdf php png ps rar rb sh swf tar tc tiff wav webm wv zip
7ZIP+JAR.7z x x x
7ZIP+RAR-1.7z x x
7ZIP+RAR-2.7z x x
7ZIP+ZIP.7z x x
AVI+HTML.avi x x
AVI+ZIP.avi x x
BMP+HTML+JAR.bmp x x x x
BMP+JAR.bmp x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
DOCX+JAR+PDF.pdf x x x x
DOCX+JAR.docx x x x x x x x x
ELF+RAR.rar x x
ELF+RAR5.rar x x
ELF+JAR+RAR.rar x x x x
EXE+HTML+PDF-1.pdf x x x
EXE+HTML+PDF-2.pdf x x x
FLAC+PDF.flac x x
GIF+JAR+PDF.gif x x x x
GIF+JAR.gif x x x
GIF+JS-1.gif x x
GIF+JS-2.gif x x
GIF+PDF.gif x x
GIF+TAR.gif x x
HTML+MP3-1.mp3 x x
HTML+PDF-1.html x x
HTML+PDF-2.html x x
HTML+PDF-3.html x x
HTML+TIFF.tiff x x
HTML+WEBM.html x x
JAR+JPG+PDF.jpg x x x x
JAR+ODT+PDF.pdf x x x x
JAR+TAR+TIFF.tiff x x x x
JAR+TIFF.tiff x x x
JPG+JAR.jpg x x x
JPG+PDF.jpg x x
MP3+OGG+PNG.mp3 x x x
MP3+OGG+PNG+WAV.mp3 x x x x
MP3+PDF.pdf x x
MP3+PNG.mp3 x x
MP3+TIFF.tiff x x x x
MP4+JAR.mp4 x x x
neszip-example.nes x x
no-magic-nor-end.pdf x
no-magic.pdf x
ODT+JAR.odt x x x
OGG+PDF.ogg x x
OGG+ZIP.ogg x x
PDF+ELF-1.pdf x x
PDF+ELF-2.pdf x x
PDF+ELF-3.pdf x x
PDF+ELF-4.pdf x x
PDF+PHP.pdf x x
PDF+TAR.pdf x x
PDF+TAR-2.pdf x x
PDF+WAV.pdf x x
PDF+WAV-2.pdf x x
PDFGitPolyglot.pdf x x
PNG+JAR.png x x x
pocorgtfo01.pdf x x
pocorgtfo02.pdf x x x
pocorgtfo03.pdf x x x x
pocorgtfo04.pdf x x x
pocorgtfo05.pdf x x x x
pocorgtfo06.pdf x x x
pocorgtfo07.pdf x x x x
pocorgtfo08.pdf x x x
pocorgtfo09.pdf x x x
pocorgtfo10.pdf x x x
pocorgtfo11.pdf x x x x
pocorgtfo12.pdf x x x
pocorgtfo13.pdf x x x
pocorgtfo14.pdf x x x
pocorgtfo15.pdf x x x
pocorgtfo16.pdf x x x
pocorgtfo17.pdf x x x
pocorgtfo18.pdf x x x
RAR+ZIP-1.rar x x
RAR+ZIP-2.rar x x
RAR+ZIP-3.rar x x
RAR5+ZIP-1.rar5 x x
RAR5+ZIP-2.rar5 x x
RAR5+ZIP-3.rar5 x x
resume_iso.pdf x x
reverseme.bin x x x
security_logo_string.jpg x x
stegosploit_tool.png x x
SWF+ZIP-1.swf x x
SWF+ZIP-2.swf x x
TAR+TIFF.tiff x x
TIFF+JAR+RAR-1.tiff x x x x
TIFF+JAR-1.tiff x x x
TIFF+PDF-1.tiff x x
TIFF+PDF-2.tiff x x
TIFF+RAR+ZIP.tiff x x x
TIFF+RAR-1.tiff x x
TIFF+ZIP-1.tiff x x x x
WEBM+ZIP.webm x x

This table is an overview of the contained formats for each file:

Notice that DOCX,JAR and ODT files are also ZIP files.

This repository

This repository contains a files directory, which contains the polyglot files.

The CSV file list.csv contains the metadatas of each file: its types, the source of the file if found elsewere, and a misc section for details, for example the known softwares which accept to read the file.

The CSV file analyse.csv contains the result of the analysis of each polyglot file with file 5.32, TrID and our own polyglot detector. For file, the command is used with the flag --keep-going, to get all the types found.



Database of polyglot files. By polyglot, we mean files readable in multiple formats






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