Provides autocompletion, linting, and more for web components.
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Polymer IDE

Unlocks all of the power of the Polymer Analyzer in VS Code. See the Polymer Editor Service for more info, including links to plugins for other editors.


  • typeahead completions for imported elements, with documentation
  • typeahead completions for element attributes, with documentation
  • inline errors (squiggle underlines)
  • jump to definition support for custom elements and attributes


In quick open (ctrl/cmd + P), run this command: ext install polymer-ide, or see it in the marketplace here.

Try it out on a simple example project

git clone
cd vscode-plugin/example_project
bower install
code ./


Want to contribute to the polymer vscode plugin itself? Great!

Note: Most of the vscode plugin's logic exists in the Polymer Editor Service, so most changes will involve modifying that and using npm link polymer-editor-service in this package.

Launching a debug version of the vscode plugin is very simple:

npm install
code .

Then just press F5 to start a debug instance of vscode with the local version of the plugin running.