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Open-source product analytics platform


  1. posthog posthog Public

    🦔 PostHog provides open-source product analytics, session recording, feature flagging and A/B testing that you can self-host.

    Python 14.8k 884

  2. HouseWatch HouseWatch Public

    Open source tool for monitoring and managing ClickHouse clusters

    TypeScript 411 38

  3. Public

    Official docs, website, and handbook for PostHog.

    TypeScript 281 325

  4. posthog-js posthog-js Public

    Send usage data from your web app or site to PostHog, with autocapture.

    TypeScript 162 79

  5. squeak squeak Public

    A Q&A widget for your docs

    JavaScript 169 15

  6. max-ai max-ai Public

    Max bot deploy

    Python 42 5


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