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There are the scripts I use to discover music on Jamendo, a website for musics under Creative Commons licenses.

I like to play the whole Jamendo catalog in random order with mpd and just switch to the next song when I'm not interested in the current. When I find something exciting, I want to have more informations, and then I end up on the corresponding album/artist page at Jamendo.

There is the purpose of these scripts:

Build the playlist

When invoked without option, jamendo-playlist will download the Jamendo database xml dump (approx. 15 Mb), extract it (approx. 150 Mb) and parse it to generate a playlist.

The generated playlist is really huge (something like 350,000 tracks) and your must edit the default mpd configuration to be able to load it:

  • In the file /etc/mpd.conf, locate the comment indicating a "Resource Limitations" section. Uncomment and set the value of max_playlist_length to something appropriate (e.g.: 400000).
  • Restart mpd.
  • You can then load the playlist from your favorite mpd client.


The command line program mpc is used to communicate with mpd (to get current track url). You would already have the others external tools involved (wget, gunzip and perl).