Don't call out to the poundpay api when a callback_url is specified #4

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There are a number of problems with doing this, forcing an external API call in the test environment being one of them. Another issue I ran into was not being able to load the console without an active network/internet connection because ActiveSupport raises an unrescued error.

If all this is doing is registering the callback_url with the poundpay servers, this certainly isn't something that needs to be done every time an application is loaded.


any update on pulling this in?

jsmestad and others added some commits Nov 15, 2011
@jsmestad jsmestad Resolve deprecation warning for `attr_accessor_with_default` by using…
… Ruby only.
@anveo anveo allow erb in poundpay.yml fe46dbd
@ajsharp ajsharp Merge pull request #1 from anveo/master
erb in poundpay.yml
Andrew partial release 3234f01
Andrew changes for consistency 1bd49de
Andrew doc update e873040
Andrew User resource is 2 lines! e2b3192
Jareau Wade updatd the ruby client readme doc to show kitchit how to create a user de95e33
Jareau Wade updated gemfile version number 8cd0f84
Andrew - revert partial release
- add charge permissions
- add developer charge permission callback url
@bcm bcm make response data available from Active Resource exceptions
this monkey patches Active Resource to make the exception's response body
available as a hash parsed from the original JSON. eventually a more general
version of this patch should be applied to Active Resource directly.
@mahmoudimus mahmoudimus added `authorize` method to the ruby client and fleshed a full fledge…
…d simple marketplace app
@mahmoudimus mahmoudimus migrate config back to sandbox ee2d463
@mahmoudimus mahmoudimus bump version to 0.3 9fc085b
@mahmoudimus mahmoudimus update documentation 6effc8c
@mahmoudimus mahmoudimus fix issue with Poundpay::Payment.authorize method, add two tests, bum…
…p version
Andrew submod fe 80b8764
Andrew batching d4cd6f8
Andrew . 5f8453f
Andrew update doc 1e29b27
Andrew remove old fe 8d21618
Andrew add new fe 56f98db
Andrew - change payment field status to state
- change payment state STAGED to CREATED
@jsmestad jsmestad update gemspec to allow 3.1 d8d453f
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