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DRSRule PowerShell module ReadMe

The DRSRule module allows you to work with all types of vSphere DRS rules. The module provides support for VM and VMHost groups. And, it works with affinity/anti-affinity VM rules and VM to VMHost rules.

Brief info on module

The module came from the need for DRS rule/group info gathering, exporting, and recreating. Initially there were some code blocks for exporting rule info and for importing again those rules, but things evolved into a module.

A couple of examples:

  • Export rule/group info: Export-DrsRule -Path c:\someFolder\myDrsRuleAndGroupInfo.json
  • Import rule/group info: Import-DrsRule -Path c:\someFolder\myDrsRuleAndGroupInfo.json

How to set up the DRSRule module for use:

Via the PowerShell Gallery and PowerShellGet:

  • [optional, but smart] Save the module and inspect (safety first!): Find-Module DRSRule | Save-Module -Path c:\temp\someFolder
  • Once comfortable with the safety of the module: Find-Module DRSRule | Install-Module

Or, the "old", manual way:

  • Download and extract the module .zip file
  • Unblock-File on the extracted contents
  • Import-Module <path\To\ModuleFolder>
  • Use Get-Help as per usual for cmdlet help and examples

Cmdlets in this module

  • Export/Import:
    • Export-DrsRule
    • Import-DrsRule
  • Get:
    • Get-DrsVMGroup
    • Get-DrsVMHostGroup
    • Get-DrsVMToVMHostRule
    • Get-DrsVMToVMRule
  • New:
    • New-DrsVMGroup
    • New-DrsVMHostGroup
    • New-DrsVMToVMHostRule
    • New-DrsVMToVMRule
  • Remove:
    • Remove-DrsVMGroup
    • Remove-DrsVMHostGroup
    • Remove-DrsVMToVMHostRule
    • Remove-DrsVMToVMRule
  • Set:
    • Set-DrsVMGroup
    • Set-DrsVMHostGroup
    • Set-DrsVMToVMHostRule
    • Set-DrsVMToVMRule


PowerShell module with support for managing vSphere DRS Rules and Groups



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