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we had some 32 bit counters left and they were messing with my beauti…

…ful stats!
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1 parent d8e2377 commit 75ba907b1914fdc6183885df5d14f0930629b329 @ahupowerdns ahupowerdns committed May 28, 2014
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  1. +8 −8 pdns/
  2. +8 −8 pdns/syncres.hh
@@ -51,14 +51,14 @@ unsigned int SyncRes::s_packetcachettl;
unsigned int SyncRes::s_packetcacheservfailttl;
unsigned int SyncRes::s_serverdownmaxfails;
unsigned int SyncRes::s_serverdownthrottletime;
-unsigned int SyncRes::s_queries;
-unsigned int SyncRes::s_outgoingtimeouts;
-unsigned int SyncRes::s_outqueries;
-unsigned int SyncRes::s_tcpoutqueries;
-unsigned int SyncRes::s_throttledqueries;
-unsigned int SyncRes::s_dontqueries;
-unsigned int SyncRes::s_nodelegated;
-unsigned int SyncRes::s_unreachables;
+uint64_t SyncRes::s_queries;
+uint64_t SyncRes::s_outgoingtimeouts;
+uint64_t SyncRes::s_outqueries;
+uint64_t SyncRes::s_tcpoutqueries;
+uint64_t SyncRes::s_throttledqueries;
+uint64_t SyncRes::s_dontqueries;
+uint64_t SyncRes::s_nodelegated;
+uint64_t SyncRes::s_unreachables;
unsigned int SyncRes::s_minimumTTL;
bool SyncRes::s_doIPv6;
bool SyncRes::s_nopacketcache;
@@ -281,14 +281,14 @@ public:
static void doEDNSDumpAndClose(int fd);
- static unsigned int s_queries;
- static unsigned int s_outgoingtimeouts;
- static unsigned int s_throttledqueries;
- static unsigned int s_dontqueries;
- static unsigned int s_outqueries;
- static unsigned int s_tcpoutqueries;
- static unsigned int s_nodelegated;
- static unsigned int s_unreachables;
+ static uint64_t s_queries;
+ static uint64_t s_outgoingtimeouts;
+ static uint64_t s_throttledqueries;
+ static uint64_t s_dontqueries;
+ static uint64_t s_outqueries;
+ static uint64_t s_tcpoutqueries;
+ static uint64_t s_nodelegated;
+ static uint64_t s_unreachables;
static unsigned int s_minimumTTL;
static bool s_doAAAAAdditionalProcessing;
static bool s_doAdditionalProcessing;

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