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Power Platform Adoption Framework


We continue to open up the evolution of Power Platform Adoption Framework to input and ideas from around the global Power Platform community. This idea has been one of our primary revelations as we've thought about the framework’s future.

So that’s why ongoing development of the Power Platform Adoption Framework is now happening on Github. Developers everywhere use Github to create software, and now we’re going to use Github to further build the framework that enables people to create beautiful and useful things on Power Platform deployed in large, enterprise-grade organizations.

We hope you’ll join is one of a several ways. PowerPlatformAF on Github ( is the place where we’re inviting members of our community to:

  1. Submit ideas, recommendations, issues, and other input for discussion and possible inclusion in ongoing updates to the framework

  2. Join those discussions through comment and reacting to submitted ideas so that we can determine what (and in what form) additions to the framework need to be made

  3. Have always-up-to-date access to the latest version of the framework now posted on the wiki

Keep in mind that the wiki will always be a draft work-in-progress. Everyone can now share and use the latest ideas coming out of the community here. Periodically (thinking every six months or so) we’ll give it a good scrub and turn it into the next official edition white paper.

We hope that you will join, share, collaborate, and help drive large-scale adoption of Microsoft Power Platform with us!

What is Power Platform Adoption Framework?

The Power Platform Adoption Framework is the start-to-finish approach for adopting the platform at scale. It has become the global community standard for adoption, buildout, road mapping, enterprise management and governance of Power Platform at scale within enterprise-grade organizations.

The framework is supported and driven by its original creator (Andrew Welch) and publisher Applied Information Sciences (AIS) -- Microsoft Partner -- and contributed to by Power Platform experts and citizen developers around the world (Manuela Pichler, Keith Whatling, Lee Baker, and Lucy Bourne are some major luminaries on this topic - follow them!). AIS is fully behind the framework, sharing it with the community, and committed to its future development as best practices for enterprise adoption evolve. We’re sharing it so that everyone can use it, because we believe that a vibrant and thriving community around this technology is good for everyone who uses it.

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