April's fools for benchmarking 2018.
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this was an April's fools joke. However, bunny will remain functional. It's only implemented as a thing wrapper around benchee so unless we completely break API (which I don't see coming) it'll remain functional. Bunnytastic benchmarking to everyone.

Bunny Hex Version docs Inline docs Build Status Coverage Status

The bunnytastic benchmarking library formerly known as benchee. After all, benchmarking a function is just like a bunny eatings its input!

omnomnom function inputs


Get the bunny life into your elixir:

def deps do
    {:bunny, ">= 0.1.0"}


For now most of the documentation is still over at benchee but everything works! All the options are implemented, it's just as fast and versatile as before.

However, it exposes a better and more expressive API for your pleasure. You know, bunny can't only run like the good old benchee. No! Bunny can also sleep, hop, eat and jump!

This all comes with your own personal bunny assistant that helps you benchmark:

list = Enum.to_list(1..10_000)
map_fun = fn(i) -> [i, i * i] end

  "flat_map"    => fn -> Enum.flat_map(list, map_fun) end,
  "map.flatten" => fn -> list |> Enum.map(map_fun) |> List.flatten end
tobi@speedy ~/github/bunny $ mix run samples/eat.exs 
Bunny will take care of that for you!

   ( Y)
  ( . .)
 o(") (")

Operating System: Linux
CPU Information: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790 CPU @ 3.60GHz
Number of Available Cores: 8
Available memory: 15.61 GB
Elixir 1.6.3
Erlang 20.2
Benchmark suite executing with the following configuration:
warmup: 2 s
time: 5 s
parallel: 1
inputs: none specified
Estimated total run time: 14 s

Benchmarking flat_map...
Benchmarking map.flatten...

Name                  ips        average  deviation         median         99th %
flat_map           2.23 K      448.25 μs    ±14.33%         430 μs         790 μs
map.flatten        1.17 K      857.84 μs    ±21.57%         796 μs     1426.98 μs

flat_map           2.23 K
map.flatten        1.17 K - 1.91x slower

Bunny is done!

 () ()
 (* *)
o( 0 )

After all this hard work, bunny needs to rest a bit:

sleepy bunny is best bunny