A jasmine test panel/runner for the cloud9 IDE
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Jasmine Test Panel for Cloud9

The Jasmine Test Panel for Cloud9 is aimed at making testing with Jasmine and CoffeeScript easier in the Cloud9 IDE. It provides a test panel from which tests can be executed. You can find a screencast of the project here.


This extension currently only works with self-hosted copies of Cloud9. Third-party extensions are not supported on c9.io. As cloud9 is constantly evolving and changing APIs etc. we can not guarantee that the plug-in works with the current master of Cloud9. Therefore the safest way to use this plug-in is to clone the version of Cloud9 at our fork, as this is the version we are developing the add-on with. You can refer to the README of this repository for installation instructions.

The most common way to install cloud9 would be (provided, that nodejs and npm are already installed):

npm install -g sm
git clone git://github.com/PragTob/cloud9.git
cd cloud9
sm install

Then you need to clone our plugin, which you can do by:

git clone git://github.com/PragTob/cloud9-jasmine-ext.git cloud9/plugins-client/ext.jasmine

Open the Tools -> Extension Manager window, put the path to the extension in


Click add.

Please note that this plug-in only fully works in conjunction with our fork of the livecoffee plug-in, which is needed in order to access the full functionality.

Cheers, Tobi²