A python program which fetches Cricket score of International matches and displays it. Basic version only displays score and not more inforamtion about the match.
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Gilly is a Free Software which fetches basic score of cricket matches that are being played right now. This is the basic version and so this will not have any other features.

GNU/Linux Users: Make sure you have Python 2.6 or 2.7 for this app to work properly. Developed for Python 2.7 and does not works on Python 3.0 or later.

Download the Zip or tar.gz file from Download section of this page. Extract the files.

How to use it in Linux (Fedora 16, Ubuntu - Tested)

  • Run the fedora_install.sh / ubuntu_install.sh file with respect to your operating system from terminal like this

      sudo sh fedora_install.sh
      sudo sh ubuntu_install.sh
  • Enter password when it prompts

  • After the installation is completed, make sure your system is connected to internet and double click the "Gilly" file, Press the Run button on the pop-up windows that appears

  • You can also now delete this downloaded, extracted folders if you don't need to be in your system or if you don't need the code yourself and just to use the application. After deleting you can run from terminal in very simple mannner:

      Gilly &
  • When everything went fine you will get a windows with empty white spaces and Update button. Click on it. To refresh scores, press Update button when required.

  • This also supports live updating of the score with notifications. You can set interval time in minutes. Run this in your terminal

      Gillylive (interval time in minutes)

How to use it in Windows (Windows 7 - 64bit)

  1. After extracting the files, Right click and extract the Gilly.zip file, thne Find and run the Gilly.exe file

  2. A window should appear with empty white spaces and update button. Click on it. To refresh Scores, press the Update button whenever required.

To Uninstall in GNU/Linux

Open up your terminal and type the below command

	sudo removeGilly

This Software is released under GNU GPL V3.0. To know more about the License and Copyleft check COPYING file.

--Regards S. Prasanna Venkadesh (prasmailme@gmail.com), Ganesh Katrapati