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Introduction to Uncertainty Quantification (old UQ course)

This course has been taught three times by Prof. Ilias Bilionis. You can find the old versions at the following tags:

The Spring 2018 version was recorded and the videos can be found here.

The course evolved to the following two courses:

  • The "ME 539 Introduction to Scientific Machine Learning" which is hosted in the data-analytics-se GitHub repository. This class is a standard Purdue course and it is also offered through EdX. It is currently offered only to Purdue online students, but it will soon be available to everyone; and
  • The "ME 297 Introduction to Data Science for Mechanical Engineers" which is hosted in the me-297-intro-to-data-science GitHub repository.

So, note that the Jupyter notebooks in this repository are provided without any support. Visit the above-mentioned GitHub repositories if you want to see to what they have evolved.