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CLI application to generate the Core weekly
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Core Weekly report generator

Core weekly generator is a micro Python 3.4+ CLI application that is able to generate a list of merged PR for a selected list of branches in an interval of dates.


$ pip install -r requirements.txt


Display help

$ ./ --help
usage: [-h] [--no-cache] [--debug] [--stats] [--year YEAR]
                      (--date DATE | --week WEEK | --compute)

PrestaShop Core Weekly

optional arguments:
  -h, --help   show this help message and exit
  --no-cache   Disable cache
  --debug      Use Debug
  --stats      Print stats report and save it in json file if you specify a
               week number
  --year YEAR  Specifcy which year you want to use in Week context
  --date DATE  Date range
  --week WEEK  Week number
  --compute    Compute data stored in var directory

Core Weekly

Generate Core Weekly with a date range

 $ python ./ --date 2019-08-05..2019-08-11 >

Or easier by specifing a week number

 $ python ./ --week 11 >

And if you want the same week but in 2018

 $ python ./ --year 2018 --week 11 >


Stats are generated and saved under var directory.

 $ python ./ --year 2018 --week 11 --stats

When stats are downloaded, you can compute them.

 $ python ./ --compute

You need to do a bit of polishing (fill in the [XXXX] sections, reorder categories, repositories, put the full category names instead of TE or CO) before publishing the article.

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