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PrestaShop Technical Documentation

This documentation is available at


Contributions are more than welcome! Find out how.

Rendering the site locally



Install guide:


  • Linux: Use the binary in the /bin directory
  • Mac: brew install hugo
  • Windows: Grab the release binary

Node.js and NPM

This is only needed if you want to customize the style.

Download Node here

Launching the site

  1. Switch to the src directory:

    cd src
  2. Launch Hugo:

    hugo server

    You may need to change the path to the hugo binary depending on where it is on your system

  3. Done! You can open up the site on your browser.

    It's usually available at http://localhost:1313

    Any change you perform on your data will be updated almost instantly.

Customizing the style

We use Sass for styling and Webpack for bundling.

Source files for the main css are in this directory:


How to build the theme

  1. Switch to the theme's _src folder

    cd src/themes/hugo-theme-learn/_src
  2. Install NPM dependencies (only the first time)

    npm install
  3. Launch build

    npm run build


Content from this documentation is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.