This project allows you to pass custom POCO's to it, and have it return an instance of the class populated with randomly generated data. This random data can be overridden by convention.
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This project allows you to pass custom POCO's to it, and have it return an instance of the class populated with randomly generated but real-world looking data. This random data can be overridden by convention.

Basic syntax looks like this:

Hydrator<Customer> _customerHydrator = new Hydrator<Customer>();
Customer customer = _customerHydrator.GetSingle();
List<Customer> customerlist=_customerHydrator.GetList(20);

Advanced syntax looks like:

Hydrator<Customer> _customerHydrator = new Hydrator<Customer>()
    .WithInteger(x => x.CustomerAge, 1, 100)

A custom generator looks like:

public class FullNameGenerator : IGenerator<string>
    static readonly IGenerator<string> FirstNameGen = new FirstNameGenerator();
    static readonly IGenerator<string> LastNameGen = new LastNameGenerator();

    public string Generate()
        return FirstNameGen.Generate() + " " + LastNameGen.Generate();

Use a custom generator like this:

Hydrator<Customer> _customerHydrator = new Hydrator<Customer>()
    .With(x => x.FullName, new FullNameGenerator());


Version 1.3.0

  • Added 3 new generators UnitedKingdomPhoneNumberGenerator, UnitedKingdomInsuranceNumberGenerator, and CulturesGenerator thanks to rikrak and ushenkodmitry
  • "Do" method to allow a property to be set from the generated values in other properties, thanks to rikrak
  • Fixed randomization method which was excluding the last possible, thanks to rikrak and ushenkodmitry

Version 1.1.0

  • Added the ability to respect the StringLength property attribute from System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations (more annotations are welcome and likely)

Version 1.0.0

  • Added the ability to inject Generators at instantiation time. Which looks like this: var hydrator = new Hydrator<Address>().WithCustomGenerator(x=>x.State, new InjectedGenerator());

Version 0.7.0

  • Added new generators: UnitedKingdomCityGenerator, UnitedKingdomCountyGenerator, UnitedKingdomPostcodeGenerator, AlphaNumericGenerator.

NuGet #objecthydrator

Install-Package objecthydrator

This version is for Visual Studio 2010 .Net 4. I'll switch to a newer version and use 2013 if there is interest.


So basically, you create a class and invoke the Hydrator object with that class type. Then call the GetSingle or GetList functions and you are returned an instance of the object populated with realistic data. The idea behind it is to use it to replace a database call to use in your UI.


Presently the generators are pretty simple and can generate limited values, they include:

Generator Description Notes
FirstName Returns a random english First Name
LastName Return a random english Last Name
DateTimeGenerator Returns a random Date within a given range.
AmericanPhone Returns a randon American Phone Number
AmericanAddress Returns a random American Address (street part)
AmericanCity Returns a random American City
AmericanPostalCode Returns a random Postal Code (including optional +4 component)
Integer Generator Returns an int within a range
Enum Generator Define the enum and it will return the string value of a random one
Boolean Generator Returns a random boolean
AmericanState Returns a random US abbreviation
EmailAddress Returns a random email address Thanks ScottMonnig!
Business Name Generator Returns a random 3 part business name
URL Generator Returns random URL based on BusinessName Generator
IPAddress Generator Returns a random ip address
TextGenerator Random Greek Text
CountryCode Random Country Code
ByteArray Generator Returns an array of random bytes
GUID Generator Returns a new GUID
TypeGenerator Return a hydrated object of Type
TypeListGenerator Return a list of objects
PasswordGenerator Returns a string of random pw characters with length parameter
UnitedKingdomCityGenerator Returns a UK City Thanks to fuzzy-afterlife
UnitedKingdomCountyGenerator Returns a UK County Thanks to fuzzy-afterlife
UnitedKingdomPostcodeGenerator Returns a UK Post Code Thanks to fuzzy-afterlife
UnitedKingdomPhoneNumberGenerator Returns a UK Phone Thanks to rikrak
UnitedKingdomInsuranceNumberGenerator Returns a UK Ins Number Thanks to rikrak
AlphaNumericGenerator Returns an string with alpha chars of n length Thanks to fuzzy-afterlife
CulturesGenerator Returns a Culture Info property Thanks to ushenkodmitry

All values can be overridden so you can do things like fake search results etc...