Mopidy extension for playing music from Subsonic servers.
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Mopidy Subidy

A subsonic backend for mopidy using py-sub.


Add a section similiar to the following to your mopidy configuration:

legacy_auth=(optional - setting to yes may solve some connection errors)
api_version=(optional - specify which API version to use. Subsonic 6.2 uses 1.14.0)

State of this plugin

Plugin is developed against mopidy version 2.0.1.

The following things are supported:

  • Browsing all artists/albums/tracks
  • Searching for any terms
  • Browsing, creating, editing and deleting playlists
  • Searching explicitly for one of: artists, albums, tracks

The following things are not supported:

  • Subsonics smart playlists
  • Searching for a combination of filters (artist and album, artist and track, etc.)


The following people contributed to this project:

  • Frederick Gnodtke
  • hhm0