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Lightweight, robust, elegant syntax highlighting. A spin-off project from Dabblet.
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Merge pull request #517 from Golmote/prism-coy-fix

Fix bug related to line-highlighting plugin with Coy theme
latest commit b551696fbd
Lea Verou LeaVerou authored
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components Add basic highlighting for SAS language. (fix #515)
examples Add basic highlighting for SAS language. (fix #515)
img Adding CSS-Tricks logo
plugins Fixed grammar
templates Added twitter link to footer, minified some files
themes Fix bug related to line-highlighting plugin
vendor Added recursive dependency loader for test page
.gitignore Added intellij matcher to gitignore
.npmignore Added .npmignore
CNAME Added CNAME file
LICENSE add license file Added info about components.js
bower.json Updates location of prism.css in bower.json.
code.js Fix ToC generator to work with base
components.js Add basic highlighting for SAS language. (fix #515)
download.html Add error message in red above the code if a file fails to download
download.js Fixed repository url on download page
examples.html Examples work in progress
examples.js Fixed repository url in examples
extending.html Add option to define aliases for tokens
faq.html Moved themes to themes/ folder
favicon.png Added favicon
gulpfile.js Added default gulp task
index.html Update index.html
logo.svg Optimised logo a bit ;)
package.json Bump dev dependencies.
prefixfree.min.js Styling and docs changes
prism.js Fix style attribute highlighting
style.css Added owners to plugins/languages/themes
test.html Fix Download page, Examples page and Test page to handle multiple dep…
utopia.js Changed layout of download page to accommodate the growing number of …


Prism is a lightweight, robust, elegant syntax highlighting library. It's a spin-off project from Dabblet.

You can learn more on

Why another syntax highlighter?:

Contribute to Prism!

Prism depends on community contributions to expand and cover a wider array of use cases. If you like it, considering giving back by sending a pull request. Here are a few tips:

  • Read the documentation. Prism was designed to be extensible.
  • Do not edit prism.js, it’s just the version of Prism used by the Prism website and is built automatically. Limit your changes to the unminified files in the components/ folder. The minified files are also generated automatically.
  • Currently the build system building prism.js and the minified files is just a bunch of local settings in CodeKit. If someone wants to help export them to a config file, please contact me by opening an issue.
  • Please follow the code conventions used in the files already. For example, I use tabs for indentation and spaces for alignment. Opening braces are on the same line, closing braces on their own line regardless of construct. There is a space before the opening brace. etc etc.
  • Please try to err towards more smaller PRs rather than few huge PRs. If a PR includes changes I want to merge and changes I don't, handling it becomes difficult.
  • My time is very limited these days, so it might take a long time to review longer PRs (short ones are usually merged very quickly), especially those modifying the Prism Core. This doesn't mean your PR is rejected.
  • If you contribute a new language definition, you will be responsible for handling bug reports about that language definition. Soon I plan to add usernames of project owners for themes, plugins and language definitions so this becomes more clear to users.
  • If you add a new language definition, theme or plugin, you need to add it to components.js as well, so that it becomes available to the download build page.

Thank you so much for contributing!!

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